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Autumn 2016

Show Schedules 2017

Our Show Schedules for 2017 have ben amended, current documents are labelled as Revision 4 2016. Please ensure that any previous versions you may have are marked as REPLACED. You can print the latest versions from here or copies will be available from the Secretary at the 2017 Shows.

Spring 2016

Hampton Court Palace  Auricula Theatre

Auriculas at Hampton Court Palace

The Palace garden now has its own auricula theatre, and Pops Plants were delighted to be asked to advise and 'dress' this elegant new structure, situated to one side of the famous Great Vine. It seems that an old map had detailed an 'auricula garden' in the area where the theatre is now sited. With the help of members of the National Auricula and Primula Society (Southern) we were able to stage more than eighty auriculas from our Plant Heritage National Collections, with a few spares to try to extend the flowering period. When the auricula season is finished the theatre will be used as a 'blooming stage' to display other garden treasures.

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