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Let’s hope 2020 is a good one for us and our plants. This is the usual round robin asking members if they would be willing to help out at this year’s shows. Judges, stewards and general helpers are needed, and without volunteers it is becoming increasingly difficult to staff the shows. As reported below, this year too, we will be without our lovely Show Superintendent Mike Brown. So please let us know if you are willing to help. Thank you.


And wishing all members an excellent new year – let’s hope it’s a kind growing year as well.

Some good news – we now have an ‘interim’ Editor for the Year Book – committee member Roger Norgate - so the 2018-19 bumper edition will appear in due course. As members who attended the annual seminar will know we have had a long struggle filling this very important post.  Our regular newsletter will be available in the new year as usual.

We are shocked and saddened to report the recent untimely deaths of two of our stalwarts. Anna-Liisa Sheader, a great lady and alpine plant expert who – alongside her husband Dr. Martin Sheader – was greatly respected for her knowledge and enthusiasm. Her funeral will be private.

Also, Mike Brown, our Show Superintendent, has died after a brave struggle with cancer. Mike worked hard for our Society, and was always cheery and encouraging. He too will be sorely missed. The funeral has taken place.

We send our sincere condolences to both families and friends.


A big thank you to all members who turned out to exhibit at this year’s shows – as usual it had not been an easy season, but where would be the fun if it had been! 

We now look forward to our annual seminar on October 12th at the Waterfield Room, the Old Barn Hall, Great Bookham. This year the timings have altered, it will be from 1p.m. to 4 p.m. and all are welcome. Societies such as ours do not have an easy time of it so do try to come along and make your views on its future known.

Our speaker this year will be the distinguished authority on alpine plants, Jim Jermyn. All are very welcome and there will be the usual plant table so do bring along any spare primulas and auriculas you may have on the usual 50-50 sale terms.

Mid March 2019 UPDATE

                           A really good day at the Early Primula Show held a week later than  usual. There was an                                            increased turnout of exhibitors and plants, so for the time being it looks as if this show is                                        reprieved.

                          Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make it a success, particularly  our new joint show                                   superintendent Roger Norgate and his helpers…

                          Good too to see friends from the Midlands Section, and a fair number of entries in the novice                               sections. Here’s a picture of first time novice  exhibitor Colin Muggeridge, let’s hope his awards                             are the first of many!


March 2019 UPDATE

Let’s hope our plants have survived the heat of last summer and are beginning to put on growth. Our first show, the 23rd Early Primula Show, is almost upon us on March 16th.  As members know, this is our smallest and less busy event, but gives us all the opportunity to meet up and chat.

 However, the number of exhibitors at this show, and sources for these types of primula have diminished, and the early show is now at risk unless more exhibitors come forward this year.  The show schedule can be found elsewhere on this website.

A reminder too that judging will begin earlier at all our shows – at 1200. It will be possible of course to gain entry to the hall earlier if you need more time to stage plants.


So far no-one has come forward to edit our annual Year Book. We have been doing our best, but half your committee are still working full-time and it has proved impossible to complete. Therefore, we intend to amalgamate the 2018 and 2019 books in one volume, and are still searching for an Editor. This year’s newsletter ‘Offsets’ is on its way shortly.


We also need photographs from the three shows for the Year Book and website, so please try to bring along your camera! The earlier plea for a little more help all round still stands…….Hope to see you all soon.

Our Secretary is temporarily offline at present but hopes to be up and running again soon. Please see Contacts page for further information.


Hello again, and let’s hope the new year is kinder to our plants than the last, and there won’t be too much in the way of scorching temperatures. The weather was great for some of us, but not alpines!

We have been a bit out of touch with members for a while. In the absence of any volunteer to come forward to edit our year book, production has been delayed.  It will appear in due course.  We are still looking for someone to take on the task for 2019. Several of your committee are in full-time jobs and simply do not have time.

Steve Lobley has very kindly been wrestling with a new website provider and has – as usual – produced a very smart replacement.

This year’s show dates are shown elsewhere on the site. There was one particular change agreed at the a.g.m. We have brought forward to NOON the time of judging so exhibitors may need to arrive a little earlier this year.

If you are able to help with stewarding or judging or with photography, plant sales, refreshments  at any of the shows please let us know via this website. Raffle prizes and gifts of cakes and biscuits are very welcome. 

Seed Exchange 2019 NOW CLOSED
Show Schedules 2018

   Our Show Schedules as from 4th November 2018 have been amended, current documents are labelled as Revision 5 2018. Please ensure that any  previous versions you may have are marked as REPLACED. 
    You can access the latest versions from the SHOWS or Easy Downloads Pages or copies will be available from the Secretary at the 2019 Shows.

 Autumn 2017 Update
    By now members will have received their excellent Year Book – plenty of reading there!   We are very grateful for all the hard work by Angela Lobley, our Editor, and Steve Lobley for his beautiful photographs, as well as all the contributors and advertisers. A huge thank you!
    We are sorry to say that Angela and Steve are stepping down from the committee and their various tasks – they will be sorely missed.
    Among other things, we are urgently seeking a new Editor for the Year Book and photographs from the shows. Please let us know if you think you might be able to help – your committee isn’t getting any younger and we really need more members to be actively involved!
    So, let’s show our enthusiasm at the annual seminar on October 7th. Once again Steve has produced a fine compilation of his pictures from this year’s shows which we’ll see at noon. In the afternoon Kit Strange from Kew Gardens  –  one of our regular judges and a wide-ranging plant hunter  – will be giving an illustrated talk  on the ‘Floral Treasures of Eastern Turkey’. Your committee looks forward to seeing you there!

 Farewell to Pops Plants
      The weekend of 6th – 7th May saw the final Open Days; held for local charities, of Pops Plants at Downton. 
      As usual Lesley and Gill were on hand to offer help and advice. New homes have been found for the four National Collections
      of Auriculas that they have held for a number of years. After over 25 years they have also decided to close the business, 
      so although no longer selling plants to the public they do plan on continuing growing plants for enjoyment and showing. 
      That is assuming that time permits with all the other activities they have in mind.
      Friends and Members of the Societies wish them a long and happy retirement.