Society members are able to access much of the Society’s archive of documents, out of print books, magazines, slides and photographs.

        Some of the material can be copied and a small sum will be required to cover expenses and postage.

         In the first instance, interested members should contact our Webmaster.


        Our Yearbooks are a useful source of information contain many useful articles, for the experienced grower as well as the beginner, Click here for a link to previous articles.

        Copies of some the Society's old Year Books are available from the Society's Secretary at a cost of £3.00 including p&p.

        Please contact the Society's Secretary directly or if you would prefer, by email to our Webmaster.


Since 2011 we have produced a DVD slideshow of that years three shows.

These are set to music and will play on most UK DVD/Bluray players and generally any computer.


Some copies of these DVD's are available at a nominal cost of £6.00 which includes UK postage.


 Please contact our Webmaster

  • stating your year preference and address to request a copy(ies) and advice on payment.